Smart Homes Tutoring From the Beginning

Smart Homes Tutoring From the Beginning

Let's start at the beginning.

Hi! Welcome to our corner of the internet. When I created Smart Homes Tutoring, I envisioned more than just a tutoring business. I envisioned a space where children could come and get the help they needed, parents could find the answers and resources they were looking for, and tutors could come together to learn and teach. I believe that teaching kids is about coming to­gether to support and encourage even beyond school walls.

So, how did I get from teacher to tutor? It was 2020 and the unimaginable happened. Schools around the world shut down and students were forced to learn from home and parents were unprepared. They weren't ready to be teachers and many children fell behind. I had been tutoring and helping a couple students with some Spanish, but soon, their parents continued to have me teach their children from falling behind. I realized that I loved this singular one on one aspect and there became a great need for it. I decided that while I had always thought I would be a school teacher for life, I was meant for more.

My desire to help students and parents grew over the summer. I put out one small post on social media about tutoring and immediately was swarmed with parent requests. I grew my student base from 3-13 students in only 3 weeks. That's when I knew I wasn't going back to a school. I knew I was needed in the students' homes. From then on, my clientele continued to grow and replenish as I worked with students and parents alike to bring learning beyond the school walls. Students came to me struggling, hating learning, and parents were defeated. When they worked with me, they grew confident and skilled and parents were put at peace.

As a result, tutoring has become more than just a teacher coming into a child's life to solve a couple math problems. But rather, it is a mode for change, transformation, growth, confidence and enhancement.

Ready to get started on this journey? I can’t wait for you to join!

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