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Hi, my name is Cambrea!

Hi! It’s so great to meet you! I’m Cambrea Bowles and I founded Smart Homes Tutoring so kids can get the help they need right from home. As a young educator, I graduated college and started working at a private school. I thought the smaller class sizes would be my jam. But, with multiple grade levels in each class, I quickly got overwhelmed and knew I couldn’t help each child individually like I wanted in just one class period. I have always struggled with knowing that sometimes in group learning, kids can easily fall behind. Let’s be honest, we all wished we had that little angel on our shoulder to ask
questions to one time or another in school, but the teacher moved on, wasn’t able, or the time just wasn’t there. I decided this problem needed to be addressed, so *insert Smart Homes Tutoring*.

I started tutoring a couple kids in Spanish and quickly saw how much it fueled me. The one-on-one aspect gave me LIFE and I knew I needed to do more of it. So, with careful planning and a pandemic that brought a need for one-on-one attention, I ended my career as a private school teacher and went full-time tutor. Business BOOMED! Immediately, my life felt a purpose to help children THRIVE. I saw such progress in working with my students one-on-one and the programs I created and implemented WORKED!

As the pandemic progressed, learning in the home became a vital aspect of education. I worked with parents and students to help them implement this same practice in their own homes even when I wasn’t there. Smart Homes Tutoring became more than just bringing in a tutor to help children. It became a resource for parents to receive the help they needed to become the teachers they already are, and an instrument for helping children learn and thrive in the home.

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