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Multiplication Slides & Ladders Pack

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Make learning Multiplication facts fun with these interactive game boards. With different gameboards to target each multiplication fact as well as mixed versions, your child will have fun while learning their facts!

The Smart Homes Tutoring Method:

During the practice of Multiplication facts, use this game!

What's included:

  • Instructions on each game board
  • 7 Double sided game boards for each multiplication fact from 0-12.
  • 1 Game board focusing on multiplying doubles
  • 1 Game board focusing on facts with numbers 1-5
  • 1 Game board focusing on facts with numbers 6-12
  • 2 mixed version gameboards with facts from 0-12
  • Answer keys for all Multiplication Facts
  • 1 dice
  • 2 game pieces

Skills Learned:

  • Math Fact Accuracy
  • Number Sense
  • Multiplication Facts

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