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Skip Counting Learning Pack

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Whether your child is learning to count, or needs to learn their Math Facts, this Skip Counting Learning Pack will grow with your child! With this high quality learning pack, your child will learn number sense, skip counting, multiplication foundational principles, and more! This will be the number one stop to get your child learning and ready for their math facts!

The Smart Homes Tutoring Method

By working 15 minutes a day with this method, our students have obtained 90% Math Fact accuracy in just 4 months!

 What's Included: 

  • 10 laminated number lines to help with number sense.
  • 10 laminated double sided skip counting sheets to practice skip counting and learning multiples.
  • 12 circle counters to aid in practicing learning the multiples.
  • 1 Numbered Pop It for interactive and hands-on skip counting practice. 
  • 1 White board marker for writing numbers

Skills Learned:

  • Math Fact accuracy
  • Number sense
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding of applying mental math strategies
  • Shaping understanding math properties

*instructions included


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