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Smart Homes Tutoring

Reading & Phonics Pack Mini

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The best phonics flashcards you will ever see are here! Sold with the best-selling Ultimate Wordlist for Phonics DIGITAL Ebook, your child will be on their way to reading in no time. With a beautifully simple modern touch, these flashcards have all you need without the fluff. Get your child ready to read by learning the sounds they see on the pages.

The Smart Homes Tutoring Method

  • Use these flashcards to spell out words using phonograms
  • Create games, wordlists and practice sounds with your child
  • Practice learning sound by sound
  • Use with the Pop-it Gameboard to play interactive activities and learn phonics sounds
  • Sort sounds by graphs, digraphs, trigraphs, and quadgraphs

Skills Learned

  • Aids in phonemic awareness
  • 72 Phonograms in English Language
  • Excellent for learning sounds and blends
  • Learn difference between vowels and consonants
  • Simple and easy to read cards great for young minds
  • All the essentials without the extra fluff

What's Included

  • 78 cards
  • Digital E-Book


  • Thick white cardstock
  • Rounded corners for safe edges
  • Minimalistic and modern

**NOTE: The flashcards are a physical product and will be sent through the mail. The Ultimate Wordlist for Phonics will be available by email after purchase. 


78 High Quality Colored Cards

Online E-book

Shipping & Returns

Returns only on damaged items. Contact store with any questions. Digital E-book is not eligible for returns or exchanges.


4 in x 4 in cards

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